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Mona Younes Consulting aims to provide you with the highest level of professional services by focusing on practical, contextual and cultural sensitive  solutions that make impact. Combining academic background, on-the-ground expertise, and a vast network of colleagues around the world, the team is capable of delivering timely and high standard insights, strategies, plans, research and program evaluations.  

                       We go as far as it takes to deliver.

Current and past clients include: UNICEF, UNHCR, War Child Holland, Plan International, Oxfam, University of Sussex and Aflatoun International. 

Mona Younes Consulting brings together the right people, at the right time, and with the necessary financial and technical resources to deliver profesional and high-quality services. 

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Education in Emergencies Advisor & EdTech Design Consultant 

Mona Younes Consulting Founder

As a consultant, I have led numerous research projects in the area of educational needs, challenges, program evaluation and potential educational opportunities related to marginalized and under-served children.  My client work includes work for several national and international organizations, including UNICEF, UNHCR, War Child Holland, Plan International, Oxfam, Aflatoun International and the University of Sussex. Some of the conducted research projects were multi-country, comparative and evaluative in nature. 

Through my experience with the governmental sector, school management, NGOs and international organizations, I have developed strong expertise in the management and execution of large-scale educational programs that encompass different sectors, departments and diverse stakeholders.

This experiential knowledge is further strengthened through my recent PhD research (2020) which looks into the empowerment of refugees through ICT-based education (Lancaster University - ‘Education and Social Justice part-time PhD Program’). My Masters Degree, acquired from University of Southern Queensland, focused on 'Online Education' and my research investigated the potential opportunities and challenges of online education Arab youth would face during their transformation. 

PhD Research Poster
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Mona Younes Consulting has a global team of advisors and experts who we frequently call upon for high-level strategic guidance and expertise.

Raksha Sule.jfif


Raksha is co-founder & Chief Knowledge Officer of Global Minds Collective, world's first not-for-profit social enterprise that catalyzes mindful social innovation to foster self- and system- transformations for global mental health & well-being, especially in a humanitarian context. Raksha has overseen innovation pedagogy,  educational strategy and curriculum development; research and monitoring & evaluation (impact evaluation);, artnership development, capacity building, and advocacy initiatives.



20+ years of research experience especially in the field of education, regionally as well as internationally; combined with in-depth expertise in planning, designing, developing and conducting different types of research. Specific experience in monitoring methodologies, tools, techniques and data collection/analysis processes. Specific strength includes curriculum design, conducting training, organizing workshops and seminars especially for community people.



Long experience & compelling track record in online course design and production. Dr. Suziana has developed over 100 SCORM online courses and was recently engaged as a lead instructional designer by the Humanitarian Leadership Academy. Other clientele includes Epcat International, Islamic Relief’s Global Induction course and the Prison Officers Training learning programme (POELT) in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for the Ministry of Justice in the UK.

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