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2019: Rapid Review of Temporary Learning Spaces in Emergency Settings UNICEF

This consultancy has been commissioned by UNICEF Headquarter Office to undertake a a rapid reviewof UNICEF-supported programmes that were designed to support learning in education in emergencies. First, the review interrogated the assumptions behind the major strategy. The review summarized key education solutions and/or models that UNICEF and implementing partners deploy in the different contexts of education in emergencies programming (sudden onset natural disasters, complex/protracted crises, cyclical emergencies), and in the different phases of humanitarian emergency (preparedness, response, early recovery).

More importantly is the fact that the scope of the review went beyond UNICEF, to recognize and learn from education models that were developed and spearheaded by UNICEF implementing partners, and those that were conceived, developed and implemented by sister organizations and other actors in the education in emergencies spaces.

The consultancy had two main objectives:

(1) to characterize the nature of available education solutions that were developed to promote learning in UNICEF-supported temporary learning spaces and interrogate the assumptions under which these were developed; and,

(2) to conduct a mapping of education interventions that are implemented by other organizations and/or agencies in humanitarian settings, and to determine how effective they are in promoting learning achievement and interrogate factors that explain their success.

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