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  • Mona Younes

Manage Tender Process for Development of Blended Learning Course OXFAM

During this consultancy planning and tender process for creating a blended learning course based on CaLP Cash Voucher and Voucher Assistance (CVA) Skills for Programme Staff course was managed. Course materials for face-to-face delivery exist and content will serve as the basis for a blended learning course that can be delivered and accessed in a variety of ways. This consultancy led the efforts to establish a tendering process, culminating in a specific plan to award and contract the development of the blended learning course. An illustrative description of blended learning course, as CaLP anticipates it, is that learners/participants may undertake self-directed activities (such as reading, doing an online module, viewing a pre-recorded presentation and the like), participate in webinar sessions, and/or attend a cer

tain number of days of face-to-face learning.

Key activities of this consultancy included

1) Explore non-CaLP blended methodologies, review Core Programme face-to-face course materials and the blended learning curriculum draft, consider user preferences to access content, and discuss options with capacity building team and other CaLP colleagues

2) Outline a tender and selection process that (likely) includes initial review of concepts and follow up assessme

nt of detailed proposals

3) Ensure complementarity and compliance with CaLP/Oxfam GB and potential donors for the tendering and contract process

4) Draft a public tender inviting submissions for the development

5) Manage the review and communication process during the tender

6) Manage (with the commissioning manager) the selection process

7) Prepare detailed plan for subsequent steps, including contracting and project management

#oxfam; #CaLP; #blendedlearning; #humanitarian

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